INSPIRATION : What colours does it come in?

When I was younger my girlfriend and I would go out mountain bike riding and take our paints  (usually gouache) with us.  After a morning of riding we would set up our easels and try to get in the mood or find a little inspiration….  Some days our work was good, other days inspiration was a little harder to find.   When I felt flat I would draw,  trace shadows,  make rubbings and once I remember drawing with glue  and covering it with sand.

I still draw.   I like fine point black drawing pens,  Poscas and coloured pencils. I start by doing a small collection of clothes,  add pattern references and add a bit of colour. Sometimes I pin the page to the wall as a sort of visual  “list”  .  I like that I can see the final collection.  So when the sewing mood cannot be found I usually take to the sketch book .

These pages are from my first sketch book.  I suppose it is really documenting and planning my ideas and it kinda sums up what I am always thinking about.  Now,  where can find some motivation to do the work?



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