Simplify Your Life…..

Just completed ‘Simplify Your Life’ the new pattern from Cutting Line Designs that arrived in the mail on Friday.  I cut between the medium and large lines and choose this ‘stiff’ navy thread dyed shirting for my fist one.  This is a piece of fabric that I really like,  it is superfine cotton that is interesting on both sides.  I did contemplated combing both sides but felt it was a little dramatic and may look too ‘crafty’.  While I love the fabric I feel like I am in a ‘doctors’ or ‘nurses’ uniform and that  it is a little masculine.    I have it cut out in a tomato red peach skin silk that I am sure I will want to wear.  I made this when I felt a little under the weather and when overlocking the sleeves  I somehow caught a part of the sleeve band and had to replace it.  The pants are My Swing Set made from a micro fibre.

‘Simplify Your Life ‘ contains 2 tops, the other has a high round neckline  (jewel) and buttons from the shoulder down the sleeve,  pretty sure I will not be making it as high necklines are not my best look.  As always the instructions are great,  being very detailed, well illustrate and with helpful hints.  It is easy to create beautifully  clothes with Louise Cutting.


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