What sort of Sewer are You?

HOT PATTERN   Wong-Singh-Jones Kyoto Skirt

I have wanted to make this pattern for such a long time….

I always have this competition happening between the  SEAMSTRESS that wants the capsule wardrobe of basics classic designs and the SPONTANEOUS Sewer who just wants to make whatever she wants to.   I spent ages planning my SWAP ideas and have only sewed a few items.  How come I was able to complete 2 SWAPs when  working but have little interest now?  Not only is the weather  too sunny to think cold clothes but  all those decades of work and family  have used up all my discipline .   The SPONTANEOUS SEWER is happening.

I decided to make the skirt from a steel blue stretch cotton and just cut the size 14.   I  watched Trudy’s video which was really helpful concerning the  five rows of top stitching and had a good summary of the design details.   I made a straight 14 and omitted the zip preferring to just use the elastic.   Love this skirt as it easy to wear and  the tail sort of swishes about.   Would like to make it again from something a little more colourful like silk or satin.

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