Speed Sewing

I had seen this pattern and liked it for a while.  It looked comfortable and quick to sew.  I know I can be obsessive about obtaining patterns, and I am pretty sure that at times I become a collector rather than a sewer.  So the collector came out  and  purchased a few Burda patterns  for $5 each at Spotlight,  collectors are like that.

Usually I came home,  make coffee and sit with my new patterns ,  go to my sewing area and begin to pull out fabric….think,  procrastinate, plan and dream.   This time the coffee came with me,  I selected a textured grey knit and had it cut out,  overlocked and wearing it by dinner.   I remember sewing like that when I was teenager.   I could shop for fabric and patterns on Saturday morning,  ‘speed sew’  in the afternoon and wear it that night!   I remember the excitement of new fabric,  pattern and would not be able to sleep because I was ‘designing’ clothes.  While the sewing teacher punished me for these characteristics the art teacher loved me.

The dress is slouchy and comfortable to wear and cannot wait to style it with tights and boots for the winter.

3 thoughts on “Speed Sewing

  1. Charlotte

    This is right up my alley! I had overlooked this pattern because it is a Burda Young and, not being young, I don’t pay much attention to those. You and your dress look great.

    1. chezsews Post author

      Thanks Charlotte, I hoping it will be a great layering piece for winter. At the moment I have a thing for boots and tights and thinks this will go.

  2. fabrickated

    Oh my – instant gratification. I used to do the same as you. Now I plod along. I think the raglan sleeves are super-flattering on you and the marsupial pouch will come in handy!


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