I do not always follow instructions and like to complete things ‘now’ and can change my mind in the middle of a project.   For the ordered Home Ec.  teacher it can be too much;  as it can be for my husband  and  mother.   I see myself as a painter/drawer who took up sewing as it was much cleaner and easier to put down when I needed to go to work or make dinner.   Anyway this is one of my “just feel like ” projects,  I wanted to print some fabric,  went to  Eckererlys  and purchased  supplies and did it that afternoon.

This is a really easy project,  has fabulous results  and a great introduction to fabric printing.  It is a watered down version of an exercise/program that  I used to teach Yr 8 non-elective  art students .  I started this unit of work encouraging the students to look for ‘repeating units’ and to  collect pictures,   photograph or draw..    eg.   stacked chairs,  tiles,  geometric shapes,  jewellery  etc…….  Students choose a design to carve into the lino to use as a ‘stamp’ for printing  2m of  lawn fabric.   Some would change the shape of the lino while others would change the ‘position ‘ of the lino.  The possibilities are endless.   After you do a run more lino can be cut away and another print run can be done.  My students even dyed the lawn first.

For my exercise I used the lid from the coffee jar.  (Why does it annoy my family?)    Just look around your home for sponges,  cardboard,  shoe treads , old belt buckles  etc. anything that has a texture and can act like a stamp.  (Remember the old potato printing?)

Find your ‘stamp’ ,  iron your fabric and lay over a old blanket so that there is a little padding.   I use a foam roller to roll out the ink  (paint ) on a piece of card  so the  roller is evenly coated.   Then roll the ink onto the stamp.  Stamp it down on the fabric.    Re-ink and stamp ….The layout I used was very simple….what would happen if you concentrated on the spaces between the lid (stamp)?

You can always do another run with a different colour or change the placement of the stamp….again the possibilities are endless.   The ink is from Permaset and is made for fabric screen printing,  but works beautifully for mono printing.  I purchased white,  black and blue.    Remember,  when making a light colour put the amount white into a mixing container FIRST and add SMALL amounts colour.  This way you wont end up with litres.

The printed fabric needs to dry before ironing to set the ink.  It is that EASY.   I forgot to mention that I used a  light weight linen.

4 thoughts on “MONO PRINTING

  1. Debby Ritchie

    I think what you painted is beautiful…in fact when I first saw it I wondered where you bought that lovely pattern.


  2. fabrickated

    I love printing too, and I find that the simpler the design the better the effect. The inclusion of white makes this have an ethereal quality – it almost shimmers. And thank you for providing the scale. What are you going to make with the fabric?

    1. chezsews Post author

      As it is linen….really I have no idea. Mono printing is a lot of fun I like the idea of simple units and playing with their position/colour and relationship with each other. Love your colourful work.


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