I had never really noticed how many different hibiscus flowers there are. The other morning I collected a few to draw …..I had about five different varieties.  Some flowers were huge;  lots of doubles and  a great assortment of colours.   I like to draw .  Drawing gives me lots of ideas.

I decided on a diamond shape as I thought it would be easy to interlock,   a little like tiling the bathroom.  I pushed my  design to fit the diamond shape  and tried to fill all the space.  While I was doing this,  I was conscious of the tools and the marks that they make on the lino.   Lino is not good for  small detailed areas and I was trying hard to get a good result for the stigma and stamen which is the hibiscus’ signature piece. At first I was trying to run the hibiscus so that it would make rows of stripes…but  I think I have made the  design a to big for that.

The design needs to put onto the lino .  The areas left will take the colour,  so everything you carve away will stay the colour of the original fabric.  You can do a run, carve away more and do another run;  just keep carving and adding more colours if you want to have more fun.

I printed this with the same colour and using the same technique/ ink as in this post.

These three came to help.  George decided to hitch a ride and the other two;   Snazz  aka’The Grey Lord’,  Cranky Puss’ and Lucy  (thinks she is the cats mother)  wanted to join in.  Lucy has decided it is time for dinner  ( she is a little early) and  has rounded up the cats in the kitchen.

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