Pia Dress in RED

I have just completed a red linen Pia Dress  from Tessuti to take on holiday to Thailand.  I wanted a cool breezy dress for the hot tropical weather.  The dress is pull on, has extended shoulders and exaggerated pockets. The skirt is flared and has a bit of twirling going on.    Took me longer to tape the pattern pieces together then to sew.   I think I have worked out a method for taping together downloadable patterns.   I try to concentrate on the pattern piece  eg.the  back  rather then the huge pattern sheet.  By doing this I do not seem to be ‘out ‘ as much and don’t waste time sticking together blank pages or pattern pieces that I don’t need.

A strange thing about this pattern was use of both imperial and metric measurements.   The amount of fabric was in metres while the seam allowance was in inches.   I remember the massive change  to the metric system in Australia,  I think I was about 15 at the time,   which was about forty years ago.   Some things never change.

I was trying on the dress and sat down to enjoy a coffee and guess who arrived?

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