“Perfect” Beach Dress

It is a perfect autumn morning.  The sun is shining,  the swell has settled down and the water temperature is still  warm.  The tide is high and the waves are crashing onto the rocks creating waterfalls and filling the  pools.   It is a beautiful day to be out wandering the beach.

I am wearing my new shirt dress made from a navy ‘beach print’ linen. For this dress I used a Cutting Line pattern “The Blouse Perfected” and made it dress length.  We are holidaying in Thailand over Easter and I wanted to make  a few new clothes to take.   At first I sewed for the plane making a three piece neutral grey outfit.  Then  I decided I wanted to have a few dresses and made the Pia dress.

I made a small straight from the envelope.  Added pocket flaps,  sleeve tabs  (omitted the cuffs and plackets) so I could roll the sleeves and added some length.   The pattern went together beautifully and I really appreciate LC’s detailed instructions and expert tips.

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