Whenever you make a new pattern there is always a bit learning going on.  After completing my Perfect Beach dress I thought I should practise my new skills of collar and pocket attaching and develop  cuff and placket making.   But then I just really wanted a nice cream shirt.  I know not everyone loves shirts but they suit me and I love to wear them,  with the collar up,  open with a tank under,  tied in the front or as a light jacket.  They are also the perfect the beach coverup providing full arm  and back of neck protection from the sun.

This was one of those pieces of fabric that I love and enjoy just having  around. It came from a deceased Tailors’ stash along with so many other beautiful vintage fabrics.  I really tried to buy them all.  It is a soft, fine drapey cotton that is very comfortable to wear.   I did not realise that I had bought it twice,  and gave one of the pieces to my sewing friend Sharon.


I used the same Cutting Line Design pattern for my Beach dress and without alteration except adding a few inches to the length and using different pockets.   I am planning to take it on holidays.


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