Did a really stupid thing last night.  Arrived home from the Erina ASG meeting  at about 7.30   I had walked in the door with my two baskets full sewing stuff,  and  remember dumping them about 2 metres in from the door,  next to the table;  I did not put them away.

This morning I was looking for my bag that held my keys, wallet,  cell,  sunglasses  and realised that they were missing.  The red sewing basket was also missing.  In my sewing basket I had 6 new Christine Jonson pattern that I had just received ( even traced some ),  about 8 metres of fabric, a big pencil case  and some notions.  My DD asked  “Why would anyone want to steal  sewing stuff? ”  Because on top of the sewing stuff was my Nikon SLR camera and charger.   We are so used to our kids coming and going at all hours that we have become complacent and do not always lock the doors.

So, I have spent the day cancelling cards,  talking to the insurance company,  talking to the police,  having car and house locks changed,  buying a new sim,  feeling foolish and not sewing a  Christine Jonson patterns.



2 thoughts on “GONE

  1. marcia elwood

    OMG – I am so sorry. Especially the patterns!!! Hoping just maybe you placed your things somewhere else??

    1. chezsews Post author

      There were about 5 homes in our area robbed…..a wake call for us to be more responsible. I really miss my patterns and stuff!


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