Weekends Away

We do a lot of short trips and I hate taking/lugging lots of stuff.  Last week we  caught the train to Sydney and  boarded at Gosford.  So many passengers /travellers have enormous bags…the carriage is about 1/3 passengers and 2/3 of huge bags sitting on seats and in the aisles.  In the carriage we entered and an elderly lady  was using 4 seats;  sitting on one;  her handbag and knitting sat next to her and the big bag was across  two seats.  A couple across the aisle had two huge suitcases piled on top of each other with two more smaller bags balancing on them,  jackets and handbags and scarves.  Hopefully they were filled with goodies for the grand children.

This is what I took:

Navy Wool jacket-  outer to go over everything

2x wool knit  Tshirts.

Velvet cardigan.    Long zippered navy cardigan can be worn as an outer layer or as a dress.

Slim jeans,  stretch leggins  and textured lace tights.

Short walking boots and long wearing out boots.

Accessories  :2 scarves/shawls,  jewellery  and belt  (for the Cardigan)

We stayed at Hotel 1888  at Darling Harbour,  renovated warehouse for wool  to celebrate my 56th birthday with  friends (who live in Darling Harbour) and to catch up with DD and her friends.


Forgot to say that the first shot was at the Art Gallery of NSW.  Just love that painting by OWEN.



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