Classic Tank and Cardigan

Kitchen renovations are happening at our place.  No cooking ,  but lots of dust and noise of power tools. Hard to find a power point that works,  but while the electrician and builders debated positions of power point,  gas connections etc.   I  ran a really long extension cord into my sewing room.  I was able to wizz up this twin set from a classic navy blue knit  before the sun went down  (have no working lights)  I used Loes Hinse  “The Sweater Set” pattern  yet again.  Just love the tank  and how the centre front seam makes doing the V neck really easy.

This time I used 3/4 sleeves and snap tape for the front closure.  I am getting pretty familar  at making this pattern…here are some other versions.



Detail of the front snap closures and V neck. For the hems I used a twin needle. I just turned over the hem and sewed from the right side, then I trim back (neaten ) the hem using a pair of pelican scissors. I do not bother to overlock, as it adds bulk and the knit does not unravel.


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