Spring 6pac

I have been working on my Spring 6pac.  The 6pac  is Elizabeth’s concept,  and  each season she starts a new thread at Artisan Square  for those who want to participate in the planning, discussion and sewing of the 6pac.  The aim this season is  to create a related set of  6 “boring, basic but beautiful”  clothes to suit the upcoming season using  neutrals and a favourite colour or two.  After a year of sewing seasonal 6pacs you should have a great collection of clothes for most occasions.  Elizabeth reminds us that this is not place for special occasion clothes

We aim to sew : 2 x Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts)

2x inside (shirts, tops)

2x outer layer  (jacket, cardigan)

I have been participating for a while….and still stray from the original plan.  So this time I am aiming  to sew/purchase  classic garment.

My plan is    1.   (purchased)  jeans

2.   cream jeans style skirt

3.  navy T

4   navy  polka dot T

5.  cream jean jacket

6.  navy tank and cardigan.  (completed)

7.  coloured shirt

Most start with a plan,  sometimes written and sometimes visual.  This is the best part as we get to dream and play in our sew imaginations.    The difficulties come in sourcing the fabric which suit the garment and that  ‘play’   with the others.  So , I have been buying neutrals in large amounts lately in anticipation that I will have enough for  pants,  skirt and  a jacket. It is a lot fun sewing along,  discussing and seeing what others have made and a great way of building a  wardrobe.



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