NAVY and WHITE 6pac

Each season we get opportunity to participate in sewing a 6pac at Artisan Square.  A 6pac is a collection of ‘basic’  ‘neutral’ clothes where “THIS GOES WITH THAT”  providing a core for your wardrobe.

THINK :   2x bottoms –   Fly Front Skirt by Hot Patterns   pull on knit skirt and purchased jeans

2x inner eg.  shells –Loes Hinse Sweater Knit and Burda T2x

2x outer layer  –Cutting Line “By Popular Demand”  jacket

4 thoughts on “NAVY and WHITE 6pac

    1. chezsews Post author

      Thank you. Trying to work on a few ‘basic’ shapes from neutrals to create a coordinated group. Have been influenced by the way you play with stripes/textures. So many different ways to use the stripe!

  1. fabrickated

    I agree with Terri that the striped skirt looks terrific, and I also really like the spotted T-shirt. This is such a simple but elegant set and it suits you perfectly. You have a good eye for the outfit, getting the proportions and scale just right. I really love your style.


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