Slouchy Fly Front Skirt….


I am that person who never makes a muslin,  or two, or three….

The first was “too big”, the second was “too round ” and the third is sort of wearable…..

Got it in my brain that I wanted one of these skirts and it was rated “Advanced Beginner”.  It is an easy wearing,  jeans style skirt with a tulip shape,  fly front and great deep pockets.  It is on the short side but I wanted to wear it walking the beach so that part was going to suit me.  I love the Fly Front and Front Band Tutorial  and could see that this skirt in lots of different fabrics and looks.  So I persisted ,  and have redrafted the band ready for another try.


Pure & Simple Slouchy Fly Front Skirt BY Hot Patterns

This skirt is to join the others in my navy and white Spring 6pac.  While I am not the biggest fan of neutrals I love “contrast” and always feel safe in blue.



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