Denim Jacket.

I left home at 8.30 thinking I was attending the last  of 3 Web Design courses.   An earlier course had been cancelled,  and I had asked to be included in the Nov. course but discovered it too was cancelled after the 35 min. drive to campus.    It was a little late to go for a bike ride so I decide to finish up this jacket.  The way the day was progressing is most likely best I did not take to the road. This was the ‘planned’ jacket for my Spring  6pac and  I  was a little nervous about  putting the snaps on.

Anyway,  I found the snaps, directions and tools.  Had to make a hole for the shaft in the fabric and ended up sticking myself.   Got a little blood on the jacket.  Had another look at the jacket and apparently  had stabbed it also.   With a bit fiddling,  patience and trial by error I got the snaps on the jacket…..the illustrations were difficult to make out,   the bottom and top snaps looked ‘the same’…..but I stayed with it.   The snap maker was a Xmas present from 2012,  it needed to see the light of day.

Love Burda patterns….Make ‘your’  alterations….say no to a muslin and sew… not try on until last snap is done.  I sewed a size 44 from a white denim.  Had white on the overlocker,  the new machine and top stitching thread on my old sewing machine.  Makes sewing much easier when you do not have to change thread.

Here I am modelling my denim jacket with the Burda T and old pair of navy pants.

6 thoughts on “Denim Jacket.

  1. fabrickated

    Its just great! Pure white really looks lovely on you. The snaps always make a garment look professional as so few will attempt them (that’s me). I love that you have a machine to do this.


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