The Directors’ Cut…..dress length

I did take a few pics of my new dress/jacket,  but felt the look needed a bit of updating to reflect my current lifestyle.   I had gone shopping at Terrigal with my 81yr. old Mum  on Wednesday.  We walking back to the car and were struck by a big black cafe umbrella,  and ended up on the footpath.  I remember seeing Mum “diving” through the air and thinking that I had to save her before I found myself on the pavement also.  Mum has a bruised left arm where the umbrella struck her and bruised right ribs where she landed.  I have a badly sprained ankle and two broken bones in my right foot.   Maybe I will have more time for sewing because I can’t walk ,  drive and or do  house work!

I was motivated by a Country Road dress which was similar in style to Louise Cuttings “The Directors Cut” shirt.  I cut a medium and just made it longer to a dress length.  The pattern was easy to sew as Louise Cutting has the best directions ever and there is always something new to learn.






I have the 2x View A cut out and ready to sew.  Think they may be next on the list.

4 thoughts on “The Directors’ Cut…..dress length

  1. marcia

    What a disaster! I’m glad the two of you weren’t hurt any worse than you were. I can’t imagine! Beautiful dress You really do wonderful things with Louises patterns
    Marciae from SG


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