UFO Celine Dress

Style Arc Celine Dress

Lara had blogged about her StyleARC Celine dress.  Reading her post and seeing how nice she looked in hers, reminded me that I had one to finish.   I had sewn the front and back together to get an idea of the fit,  and never got around to adding the facings, inserting the  sleeves or hemming it.   I completed it on the weekend and wore it today.  It went together easily.

While prints aren’t usually my “thing”,  I chose this rayon fabric because of the cool colours and solid geometrical shapes used.  It is nice to have something different,  especially since brights and patterns are so popular this season.

The Celine dress is easy to slip on , comfortable to wear,  and  falls away from the body making it perfect for hot summer days.  The wrap is a fun  fashionable detail and great for camouflaging the middle section…..

Detail of the front tie

Detail of the front tie and fabric.


I am happy to wear this dress and to make another!



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