This was a really fast and easy sew.  I purchased this fabric from Spotlight,  along with a few other pieces of bright jersey and stretch sateen that I hope to sew this summer.  This fabric is  really stretchy and drapey  with a ‘crepe’  like texture.   The bright colours and bold print needed a simple style,   so I selected this pattern from Burda Style 4/2012  size 42.    It is first one dot pattern that I have made,  a really simple design.

I whizzed it together on the overlocker.  Stabilized  the shoulders and hems before zigzagging them down with stretch stitch  No. 11.   This stitch is a little more complicated then a zigzag,  has a lot of stretch and is a nightmare to unpick.    The fold over and sew from the right side with a twin needle  did not work with this fabric,  the hem needed a lot of stretch for walking.

It is a really simple and comfortable  dress to wear and I think it works really well in  bright summer sunlight .

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