T’s Shirt.

Long, long time ago I used to make casual  shirts and  pants for Tim.  Last week I continued the tradition and sewed this ‘unisex’  shirt  from BWOF 7/2002 using a beautiful light weight cotton KONA by Robert Kaufman from Purl Soho.  The fabric was easy to work with and  ‘hardly  felt’  when wearing it on a hot summer’s day.  The  colour range  is huge,  like a paint colour chart and it’s  impossible to stop at just one.       Colours that I do not sew for myself,   suit Tim.  He enjoys wearing warm muted autumn colours….  especially  green.   Growing up in  Broken Hill,  a desert mining town meant  there was very little green.


I enjoy sewing BWOF patterns and like that they do not include seam allowances.  This makes measuring  easy,    and you can decide on the  size S/A.  For this shirt  I added 1 cm.    An easy way to sew 1cm S/A is to position the needle all the way to the left and use  right side of the foot as your guide….and you have 1cm seam allowance.



This is a casual roomy shirt pattern,   no collar stand  or yolk.  Details such as turn-up sleeve cuffs,  contrasting topstitching and a mini button loop at the neck edge  could be added next time.  This shirt  can take you many places…….. the kitchen….. the pool…..and of course annoying the seamstress’s  cat.

Enjoying sewing,






One thought on “T’s Shirt.

  1. fabrickated

    This is a gorgeous shirt for Tim, and I agree this particular warm green looks sensational on him. Oh to have the problem of making clothes that are cool in hot weather!


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