I have been busy sewing lots of clothes to take away with me;  making not procrastinating and not blogging.  This is the first chance I have had to blog,   as I have been cruising on the Queen Mary 2 travelling to Perth then flying onto Broome.   The ship’s dinner dress code  was formal/cocktail .  I prefer  pretty tops paired with  pants,  so that I can get away  with taking  only one pair of heels…..   So before packing I was in a sewing frenzie.

I came across this RTW black stretch woven long ‘wrap’ shirt style top.  The right front came across the left and the backs had ties which knotted in front.  Loved the easy ‘lounge style’ style,  but  not black.   The sewer stepped in and  said  ‘I can make that’….

This is what I knew about the pattern:

  • The front and back is cut in one,   one  piece (cut twice and joined ct. back) with a collar.    The fronts overlap each other.
  • Establishing the shoulder line was important.
  •  The back has a shirt tail and  cut on ties.
  • Shaping or fitting is obtained by the angled ct. back.
  • I needed a drapey or stretch fabric.

DSC_0001After a few goes,  this was my pattern.  I cut this twice from  blue silk.

My order of sewing was:

  •  Joined the ct. back and side seams using french seams.
  • Attached the collar by making  front and back neck facings which I folded under and topstitched
  • Used the rolled hem foot for all other hems

The top is easy to put together…….. accept for the rolled hem which  I am terrible at.  Was getting the hang of it but still need lots more practise….maybe make another?    On the dummy you can see some of the detail.


I like this top especially the colour,  so much better then black.  I think it has a casual but elegant feel about it and love that the silk is light and ‘small’ to pack.  While it may not be  formal,   I still felt elegant and  comfortable wearing it to dinner on the Queen.

As a teenager I  created clothes that were inspired by RTW.   My mother and friends when out shopping often say “I can make that” or “how easy that would be to make”.  I am guessing that most of us sewers  say something similar…..do you?

5 thoughts on “I CAN make THAT

  1. Marcia

    gorgeous top. The color is beautiful. Yup, I most always say “I can make that”. Well, yes I can – but very seldom do. Very elegant top

    1. Cheryl Post author

      I didn’t realise it was as tricky as I first imagined….looking at it all I could see was two pieces. Anyway, it is always fun to have a go.

  2. BeaJay

    What a lovely top. Beautiful colour and luck you going cruising. Yes I say – “I can make that” but only for pull on knit easy pieces LOL. Would never have even considered trying something like that.

  3. Fabrickated

    I think you did a great job. Like you say the blue silk is so vibrant. I do often think I can make that – but I can be proved very wrong when I get down to it. I love the idea of wearing a really important blouse instead of a “cocktail dress” – good for you.


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