Maybe SWAP

For the past few years I have been participating in SWAP at Artisan Square.   Here is my 2014  SWAP   Each year I have lots of fun pulling fabric and patterns from my stash,  making piles of like fabric , sketching and  dreaming of sewing a  co-ordinated wardrobe.  This year I did two plans that were pretty much opposite each other.  The first was to use my  favourite beautiful natural fibre fabrics that I have been hoarding,  while the other was to create a warm layered wardrobe using stretch wools.    An accident in December limiting my standing /moving prompted me to withdraw,    thinking that my lack of mobility would be a problem.   However,  being housebound has meant quite the opposite,  there is a lot time in the day  to sew when you can’t go out bike riding or walking.

I was showing DD a few items that I had  made,  she asked if it was my SWAP….No…but….um  I almost have a SWAP here…. 5 tops? done…….  3 bottoms?    I have 2 pants done and can use the ‘made before  card’   for the third.     3 wild cards? I can choose 3 dresses from the 7…….I have made.    I  need an idea for the  Creative Twist,    which needs to be something recycled, revamped or reversible.

So what to call this collection?    A SWAP of clothes where  the motivation was not plan or co-ordinate.  Accidental SWAP or There goes a Rabbit or Maybe SWAP

Choose 3 dresses for the wild cards

Choose 5tops

3 bottoms…..  I needl another

This is what I have photographed so far…now I have to do some planning to select my SWAP garments , come up with a TWIST and put it all together.  Hoping those  participating in SWAP are ‘seeing the light at the end of the tunnel’…..and have created a some great pieces!


4 thoughts on “Maybe SWAP

  1. Fabrickated

    I tried to think your SWAP through and realised I don’t even know how my own is going to end, so I am no help. I want them to pull together, but there are some very nice items there. I like first three dresses very much but the bright one may work best as a reference point for everything else. What do I know. But so glad you are getting there. You were my winner last year – I love your style and your ability to work with colour, style and your figure – you just get it (and when you don’t, ever so occasionally, you know why). Go Cheryl Go!

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Thank you for your support and vote of confidence, I always feel like I am part of team and don’t want to let the side down; hence I like to submit something. You have an excellent grasp of your personal style and the purpose of your SWAP. So much easier when you know where you are going, I am looking forward to seeing your collection.

  2. fabrickated

    Yes I like the idea of all the SWAPpers being part of a team. It does feel very supportive. I have finished and decided on the photos, so that is my next job. Then I am having a rest.


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