Romancing the Pearl

Hi everyone,  it has been a while since I have blogged,  last post  was  at Broome WA. We have returned home and  spent 4 days without power courtesy of “the storm of the century”.  Really enjoyed Broome and thought I might post  about how the locals  have embraced  their local landmarks to create  art/craft.

Broome has   37C temps, red soil,  straight roads,   ‘Staircases to the Moon’  and  ‘Boab trees’.     These trees have very  swollen and rounded trucks that take on a bottle like appearance.  The Boab has become a popular  inspiration for artists and craftspeople along with the  “The staircase to the moon” .  When the full moon rises over low ocean tides  the reflections appear like a staircase.

"Stairway to the moon"  at Broome Western Australia.

“Stairway to the moon” at Broome Western Australia.

Broome is also famous for its beautiful pearls,  and has numerous upmarket jewellery stores,   fell in love with a $74,000 strand,  but  settled for  buying pearls in my price range at the Court House markets  (top photo)  where  the Boab tree ,  Stairway to the Moon and natural environment featured strongly in so many of  the stall owner’s work.   Using the moon photo for inspiration and knowing that there local industry is pearls,   can you guess what was a common motif ????

'Stairway to the Moon"  Dahlia Designs Broome

‘Stairway to the Moon”
Dahlia Designs Broome

This piece was created by Amanda of Dahlia Designs,  just one of her many interpretations.  The Boab tree motif  also figures strongly in her work .  This piece I bought for my Mum for Mothers Day.

Natures Alchemy had a range of beautiful knits  imprinted/dyed with flora from bush.

Nature Alchemy Stall at The Court House Markets

Nature Alchemy Stall at The Court House Markets

Below is an example of the subtle earthy tones of Alchemy’s fabric.

Botanical Mirror

This lady up-cycles clothes by combining scarves,  curtains and table clothes.  Her stall is appropriately called Re-Vamp.




Seems to me that Broome has  a lot of talented people, who have embraced their local icons and have created some beautiful  work.  I really enjoyed visiting  the markets,  local shops and admiring their pearl jewellery.  About an hours flight from Broome  are the Horizontal falls located in the Kimberly.    Here are a few pics of the unusual ‘falls’ created by the rising or falling tide rushing through two small pinches.  Isn’t it  fabulous to feast your eyes on those spectacular colours!

Would love  to visit again….but have to get my SWAP together!

Love sewing,  Cheryl










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