I have been thinking about my SWAP shots….    SOooo;   this morning as we were wandering along the beach I realised  that the ” Storm of the Century”  had given me  some opportunities.  There was a  few really big trees down,  lots of erosion,  and a surprise sculpture from driftwood.    Here are a  few  ideas:

A sculpture for drift wood.

A sculpture form drift wood.  How much fun.

Like the shapes of the low hanging branches,  creating a secret cave.

Like the shapes of the low hanging branches, creating a secret cave.

Discarded household stuff.

Discarded household stuff.   Like the randomness and can imagine all the people who have sat on the stools. Think I could wear a nice dress.

JUST wanted to see…..

SWAP photo?  the long tie has blown up and over my shoulder.  Need a re-shoot!!

SWAP photo? the long tie has blown up and over my shoulder….. A few households were flooded;  and damaged furniture was discarded.

FLOTSEM AND JETSEM………..could not resist including this shot.

Flotsem and Jetsum are modelling their new skirts.

Flotsem and Jetsem,  modelling their new skirts.

The rain started to fall (again) and outdoor beach photos were abandoned.  Maybe tomorrow….

Wondering how you feel about the location/backdrop or  lack of  in “SWAP” photos.  While I realise it is a sewing competition,  the judging of the SWAPS is via photos  and maybe  past postings on the Swap Discussion Thread  at  Artisan Square.   How much does the contestant’s camera/editing /writing skills come into play?

For my photos…..   I want to use  my local environment in my shots;  this SWAP was accidental,  spontaneous,  the SWAP you sew when you are not deliberately sewing a SWAP.   I want my photos to reflect this.

SWAP photos will be uploaded here,  where you can see some amazing collections of clothing,  from a group of creative and talented people.

Just love sewing when it fits my inside and outside  world.

Love Sewing,   Cheryl

3 thoughts on “SWAP SHOTS

  1. sewruth

    It must be raining all over the world at the moment. Cheryl, take your photos wherever you want, if you have scenic backdrops on your doorstep then use them! Looking forward to seeing the whole set.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Just finished showing your 2015 photos of Swap to my family…. and here you are commenting! Just wanting some dry weather, but want the swell and overcast conditions to continue , I’m not too fussed about the background… just want to have a bit of spontaneous fun. Backgrounds are a bit like that.

  2. fabrickated

    Actually these are amazing pictures – I love Flotsam and Jetsam. My SWAP has been posed against a white wall. I avoided “styling” them with scarves etc, so I didn’t feel exactly like myself, but I do think the quality of the photographs makes a difference.


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