Time was running out and I needed a TWIST for SWAP 15. The last article of clothing could be reversible, up-cycled or have more then one purpose e.g.. a long cardigan that could work as a dress.

Too many ideas, I found my old pair of leather pants and was contemplating using the legs for sleeves….. or maybe harvesting that beautiful silk organza from that full skirt.   None of this was going to work as we were in the middle of a big storm and had lost power.

I found T’s discarded Cirque de Soul long sleeve T-shirt and decided I could manage to re-vamp it with a bit of bling and was not going to need my machine,  I could do it by hand.

Tim's T

Tim’s T

I liked the artwork on the arms and decided to keep them.  I resized,  and cut out a tank.  Contemplated using blue binding but went for the tomato red which was in my stash.  A few months ago I was trying to sew an Alabama Chanin style skirt and had already purchased beads .  Decided to highlight small areas of the print,  and not think to much about it.


Here it is…… worn  with black crystals and my slim shiny satin jeans.  Burda 7863 part of this outfit

So the accidental SPONTANEOUS Swap has been uploaded,  completed and done.   I did go back and reread the rules and pretty sure that mine does not meet the requirement of every top going with all  bottoms and all things matching.  I have battled with sewing all things co-ordinated…. but there is always next year.

Love Sewing   Cheryl

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