Slice it up.

I love admiring RTW clothes in up-market boutiques.  Clothes that are beautiful in themselves;  where the fabric’s  motif   and position of the pattern  has been sensitive and considered.   For example,   both sides of the fabric  are used in the one garment,  spots and stripes,  matt with the shiny side and right side and wrong side  printed fabric.  Many have a knack of mixing spots with stripes.   Stripes while predictable and conservative can be cut and  arranged to create dynamic  patterned garments.   I have seen different sized and coloured stripe combinations.   I remember making a vest and placing the pattern on grain,   stripes running vertically,   I thought what would happen if I did the opposite?  I often think of all the  different ways you can slice a loaf of bread…..what about fabric?

Silk and linen mix.  Strips and spots.

Silk and linen mix. Strips and spots.

This is one of my favourite fabrics.  It is a light weight silk/linen blend.  Spots on one side and stripes on the other.  I just love how it feels and while I made  4 garments using it,  I have not yet  really pushed the fabric.

1.  This shirt for Mr T….using the spotty side.  I did not think he’d  like this fabric,  so I was a little wary of using both sides.  I snuck a little contrast of the strip on the pocket.

2.  Pull on slim pants made using the spot side.  To tell you the truth I was really unsure of this project….and can say I prefer neutral coloured pants.  In this over shirt,  I have the spots for the bottom and stripes for the top.

3. ‘Snap To It’  cross over top.   Only using the stripes,  however I did put the sleeve cuffs and back yoke on the horizontal.   Opportunity lost.

Here are two fabrics,  both sides are interesting.  I am petty sure I will make a short  jacket/shirt from the navy cotton,  with a deep hem and front facing that I will turn to the inside,  showing the light blue.  As well,  I will do the collar and fold back cuffs on 3/4 sleeves in light blue.  What do you think?

Now for the grey  wool.  I am thinking of Snap To It the above crossover jacket  (Louise Cutting Design).  Right side using the dark colour while the left in the lighter?  Positive/Negative.

Idea for a shirt using a combination of shirt fabrics

Idea for a shirt using a combination of shirt fabrics

I have a few mens shirting in my collection and have been considering making a classic shirt using a different patterns/colours.  Any thoughts?  Is it fashionable or have I gone to far?

Regardless,  it will be another idea developed….and maybe done.

Enjoy Your Sewing


4 thoughts on “Slice it up.

  1. Terri K

    It’s always inspiring to read your blog Cheryl! I study the high end RTW as well, and if they can do it, so can I. Well done on the stripe manipulation and use of these fabrics!

    1. Cheryl Post author

      I get a lot inspiration from your posting on LC thread at Artisan Square. RTW is so motivating and inspiring….some really clever designers out there. Great to see that you blogging again.


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