Retreat To Florida

Not so much a retreat, as an advance – on my sewing and fitting skills  and  creativity.

I am blogging from Orlando Florida where  I  attended  a Cutting Line Design Sewing Retreat with 13 other   ‘Cutting Line Design Groupies’ .  Just love how Sandy and Louise create  beautiful and unique clothes by the clever placement  of the fabric’s pattern/colour  and selecting just the “right” buttons.     Sandy is wearing   Take Me Anywhere  and Louise  Anything But Ordinary   (sounds like opening lines on a Friday night, I know)   But what great clothes….all starting from flat tissue paper,  this is my favourite part of the sewing.

We  worked  on improving our  fitting skills using our gifted pattern  Danger Curves Ahead  which has some easy directions on dropping in a bust dart.   I  have cut out and worked on the shell,  and now have  to finish it on my travels.  

Among my other “achievements”:

DSC_0149I purchased 3 Patterns……

DSC_0151Altered three patterns…

Cotton fabric purchased from Louise Cutting

Cotton fabric purchased from Louise Cutting

Bought 3 fabrics.

 Louise Cutting's studio

Louise Cutting’s studio

And developed “Stash and Studio” envy.

Made some new friends….

After sewing all day we went to Louise’s to play….and down the back yard near the creek to reflect on what we had achieved through the day, and what we had to focus on tomorrow…..

Louise Cuttings back yard

Louise Cuttings back yard


Fabric for shoes with matching bag….not from Louise’s backyard creek, but maybe out soon on her new online store!

Happy sewing


7 thoughts on “Retreat To Florida

  1. fabrickated

    What a brilliant combination of learning, pleasure and travel – I adore the fabric you have chosen (just three pieces??), and really look forward to seeing your new wardrobe develop.

  2. Terri K

    Glad you got to go! Anyone who wants, or needs expert, hands-on fitting help should go. They will wonder they waited so long. I have been to several including the August workshop last year at the Mt Vernon Inn Louise used for years. We all loved it, but it was sold and torn down for “progress”. Enjoy the rest of your vacation in our hemisphere!

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Had a great time at the retreat; especially spending time/learning with LC and Sandy, loved Louise’s sense of humour.
      Had a great time in Florida…… Guess who has been riding rollercoasters in Orlando? Yep, it was me!!!.
      Now in New Orleans.


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