Sorry, I  have been neglecting my blog lately,  but not my machines,    which have just had their annual service and are back home and ready to go.   I put a lot of time and thought into planning  how to plan my SWAP 2016,   more so then in previous years and at the moment  I am a bit in limbo;  not wanting to get into anything major,  saving all my sewing mojo  for the post Xmas SWAP start….

However,  I have been having  fun sewing a few knit summer dresses which  I like to wear to the beach or out for a casual meal.  Most of the patterns I have used previously,  and they only take an afternoon to cut and sew.

Here is a Burda 7646 made from a  heavy drape-y crepe  purchased from Spotlight .  Its part of the   Grey and Red travel wardrobe that I took to the US, Cuba and Mexico.   I ran a piece of elastic about 6cm  below the waist so that I could blouse it over.  Easy and comfortable.

Behind me in the Featured image hanging over the railing is a navy and white striped  T-shirt dress.  Striped T-shirt dresses are very popular at the moment here in Aust.  I used Burda 7970,  Cutting a large triangle of fabric to insert into the side seam for a bit of fun.


The last dress I want to blog about is another Burda 7970 made with sleeves, and  self fabric neck band.   The same heavy drape-y crepe fabric is used agin.    I cut this one longer,  adding 14 inches to the hem and leaving  a split in the left hand side measuring 19inches.   I placed it on the floor to photo and Lucy thinking she is a cat laid down on it,  she has just been at the beach and is still wet….Promise to show me wearing it soon with a navy hip tie.

Hope the  lead up to Xmas is stress free and you find  time to sew…something fabulous for the holidays.




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