There is a Santa Clause

Lately I  cannot stop  thinking about painting and drawing.  I have not touched a paintbrush or drawn seriously  for about 20 plus years.  I remember taking the easel,  paper,  paint and baby down to the waterlily pond.   The baby and painting competed for my attention…that was the last time I painted seriously and I think the drawing above  was one of my last  from that era.

Our children’s  friends loved coming to the art house.  Sadly, many of the children were not allowed to make a ‘art mess’ at their own homes.   Others had to ‘clean rooms’ or complete homework before they were allowed ‘art time’.    The time to create art was used as a carrot,  part of the reward/punishment parent nagging ritual,   which made me feel used  and the paints were put away.

Recently,   I cleaned out  and organised the  goodies in the art cabinet,  took a stock take and went to the Art Store to purchase  more.  Now I have 3 easels,  two drawing boards,  new  Chroma Interactive Acrylics, oils,  gouache paint  plus 10 or so new canvases.    I have been dreaming of converting  the games room into an art studio,  by moving in the paper storage cabinet,  (cutting table) easels,   screens and moving out  the pool table.   Can you believe that a  hole in the  floor was fixed  and the carpenter left a 5m x 1m  piece of flooring,  downstairs …. is  it  my  fabric  printing table?

I have a started a painting/drawing blog called The Drawing Room.  Please come and check on my progress,  I have been doing a little bit drawing lately and hope  to get out and do some painting of the sea and rock pools here at Avoca Beach where I live.




5 thoughts on “There is a Santa Clause

  1. Chris

    Oh cool! Hope you get a chance to maybe post some of your artwork.
    I haven’t painted anything for months, but really want to start again. I do love it once I get back into the habit. It just makes me happy to be messing around with colors.
    PS I have some of those Chroma Interactive Acrylics and really do like them.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Hope you have some time over the holidays to ‘mess’ around with your paints. Good to hear that you also like Chroma Interactive paints, I am working up to painting hoping to get some ideas and courage by drawing.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      I am excited to have made the ‘decision’ to get back to my art, it like being a kid again when you can do what you want. Starting out drawing, trying to get a habit.


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