I have started SWAP sewing and  have been working on a light blue wool Duffle  Coat from Burda Mag 11/2011.  This coat is a bit of work and so far I have traced the pattern,  cut the pattern out of tracing paper,  fabric, interfacing and lining….four times.   I interfaced the entire jacket and have been working on making the toggles and painting the giant snaps;  sewing them on  while the garment is in the ‘flat’  which will be easier then when the garment has been constructed. Just  hope  I have them positioned them correctly.DSC_0111

Wasn’t happy with the purchased toggles / cords that were for sale in Spotlight,  and decided to make my own using leather from an old pair of pants.

I drew a shape/size ;  and used a rotary cutter to cut the rectangles.

Made the cords  by folding long lengths of leather and edge stitching,  trimmed them down so that I was able to thread them through the holes in the horn buttons.  Used a leather hole punch to make hole in the leather patch,  glued them and used bull dog clips to hold them closed.   The directions suggested covering the snaps with lining which sounds really hard;   I decided to paint them using light blue nail varnish…….

I lined the pockets and flap,   attached them to the front,    they were crooked  and just looked bad,  so I spent an afternoon unpicking  them.    This time I topstitched about 10mm from the pockets edge,  rather then using the 7.5mm width of the foot.  Thicker fabrics need bigger spaces,  and  now the pocket  looks more in proportion with the coat.

All that is left is….the construction of the jacket,  sewing of the lining and insertion of the lining…

More later,  Cheryl

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