Art Apron

Hope your Xmas and New Year preparations are running to schedule and you are enjoying the pre Xmas celebrations.  I have never been tempted to make or wear  an apron,  however I may need one as I tend to get messy. And to carry around some art stuff  or cell phone and therefore will need a few pockets.  I taught for years without wearing an apron because students would wear it or use it for a towel   with me often in it and I always thought they did not reflect my style .  It will be interesting to see if I do wear it,  but definitely not outside of the studio. Or maybe I should, now that I have “Pollocked” it.

Anyway,  I worked out a pattern and decided to back the front pockets with water proof fabric,   assuming I will put a loaded brush into the pocket and it could bleed through .  I used a medium weight black denim and cream thread for top stitching and assembling.   Here are some close-ups and you can see the waterproof fabric peeping over the pockets.

Being the festive season I popped some paints instead of  champagne, threw down some paper, and  splashed the apron  “graffiti style.”    It is ready  and “New Yeared” before the new year has gotten out of bed.

My present to my creative self – she should appreciate it, although it may not suit her style.   See you soon, more to follow. Or  flow…or flick

2 thoughts on “Art Apron

  1. Carol in Denver

    Very classy apron and you did a great job on the painting. I think you will enjoy wearing it while you do your messy arts.


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