It is the time to think about the  New Year and to wish everybody success in achieving their 2016 goals.  I usually like to  stick to simple achievable things that make me happy such as buying fabric and patterns  flowers, travelling and going to the movies weekly.  However,   I was inspired by listening to a Life Coach discussing New Year resolutions and Goal planning and he suggest choosing  a single word,  which got me thinking  of sewing  terms.  The first word  that came to mind was BOLT.  No!….way too slow. And too big (maybe?).     A bit more thinking and I came up with CUT  ( as in alcohol, favourite foods….stomach fat?) No, too severe.   So, something between the overly indulgent and draconian hardship ….and more importantly achievable – TRIM was it! I could do TRIM in 2016…almost resonates with the right accent.

  • The smashed foot event in Dec 14  slowed me down,   made exercising difficult and  ME anything but trim,   still slow on my feet,  but,  I can cycle and swim to a trimmer me.
  • Pimping the  house with new carpet will facilitate trimming clutter.
  • Need to trim my fabric collection as it has grown bigger then my memory…

Hoping the New Year Measures up,  no  unravelling or unpicking  and remember buttons hold it together.

More always coming…





4 thoughts on “TRIM

  1. Ann

    Yes, trim is a great goal and eminently doable, whether dietary, clutter, stash, negative thoughts, etc. Thanks for this idea!


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