I have been working  on my drawing skills,  and been drawing skulls for the last 4  plus months……as  I  am currently an on-line student  at the Watts Atelier .    However a visit to Artisan Square   and seeing SWAP 2017  rules up…temptation is only good if you can give into it, so,  time to give in……

To summarise SWAP 2017:  11  co-ordinating garments

Upper: Min 3, max5.  (Tops,  T’s, shirts)
Lower: Min 3, max 5.  (pants, skirts, shorts)
Over: Min 2, max 5. No more than ½ may be outerwear. (jackets, coats , cardigans)


I  have accumulated  a room full  of fabric,  many of  these are  thick wool,   suiting wools and other wool fabrics from yesteryear.  I love owning these fabrics,  often get them out,  but have not had the courage to cut into them.  For this reason I will select simple patterns,  hopefully the right pattern to show the fabric  to its best advantage. I use the cat (Prince Rotten AKA The Grey Lord) to select the best fabric for the best pattern…takes several sittings before he decides which is the best to sleep on.

Cheryl’s SWAP fabricsdsc_0043

  OVERS….Top Row  4 jackets

Thinking about a shortish boxy jacket,  maybe either of these two from the cream textured wool.

Both fabrics are reversible.    I am thinking of a shawl collar  (reverse of fabric)  on a simple boxy shape for both. Love the geometrics and reversible Pop factor.

I am leaning towards the Burda pattern,  adding a black leather collar and patch pockets to lift it a bit. And the knee length leather boots if the pockets don’t make it swing.

UPPER  .  Except for a dress/tunic  (black/grey wool)   I have left this area loose…..maybe a nice shirt or top from the middle row of fabrics but if time gets short then I will use PLAN B,  3 T-shirts.

LOWER .  One pair of grey and black  pants.  One purchased charcoal ponti slim pants.

Great to be back in circulation with threads and designs…until the graphite masters lure me back to the Drawing Room

            A plain and Simple SWAP with a Plan B!

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