Plan B

Remember the SWAP Plan for 2016 where I over promised and under delivered?  Well;  I need to consider this behaviour and  prepare,  so…I have……   I am calling it PLAN B

This is the 2017 SWAP plan so far.    I have the OVERS   (4 jackets, coat)  sorted,  by sewing  2 jackets using the SW Ikina Jacket , and 2 previously sewn patterns.


Sketch  of UPPERS

The 3 UNDERS (3bottoms)  easy.  2 pairs of CLD One Seam Pants and a purchased  pair of slim pants/leggins.    

  The UPPERS, (4tops) :  I have planned a wool dress/tunic to be worn by itself or over pants, and  a shorter version of the pattern for  2 tops.  (pink and cream rayon)


Cream and pink rayon,  star wool all same pattern.

Here are my concerns:    I am putting all my effort into matching plaids,  lining, making perfect button holes and  not going to the beach in the hot summer and run out of enthusiasm….this is when I will switch  to plan B.

PLAN B is  simple…..knit T-shirts. Taking my pick from below.


Knits to consider for Plan B





2 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. fabrickated

    Very clever. As ever I love your marvellous sketches and the idea of all those amazing fabrics working together. My ideal SWAP for myself would include 11 garments all in patterned fabrics that work together. But I can never find the fabrics.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Thanks Kate, I was envious of Louise Cutting’s “stash” (fabric shop) it operates like an artist’s palette.
      My plans are more successful if I start from the fabric that I have, rather then hoping to purchase something specific. However, you have had great success with your fabric paints.


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