Something is Bugging Me

The party began on Xmas Eve and  ended a little time ago ( Boxing Day)….. the ‘guests’ have left, pantry and fridge are empty,  bins are overflowing and washing line is full of sheets and towels….DD and friends have returned to Balmain…..little bit of space before more arrive tomorrow,   I will need to blog FAST about a couple of pre Xmas QUICK sews that were bugging me.

Love a quick sew.  You know when you know exactly what you are going to make when you purchase a piece or two of new fabric.  No procrastination,  bring it home and while it’s drying  get the pattern ready , the machines threaded,  organised.  Cut your second favourite fabric first;  because you want to test the pattern on the least favourite first….

So , I cut  the purple first and  selected some contrast navy ribbing for the bands.  After trying it on I   cut the neck down a little and made it a little shorter…


Need to apply the neck, shoulder and hem ribbing.

I was ready for the favourite piece;  a bug, coloured shapes and geometrical shapes arranged in horizontal bands.  I held it up to myself and decided to use the geometrical shape part for the centre ribbing;  and  a narrow hem for the neck and sleeves.  This edition was view C the long look,  I tried it on expecting to look fabulous…   NOT.           Same fabric,  same pattern ,  too much pattern (maybe not enough body). So,…..  Make  a slimmer short  skirt with elastic waist and separate top.


Cut the dress apart;  shorter slimmer skirt + top and navy Loes Hinse Tee.

This is what I ended up with:  2 photo bombers, a wet labradoodle and a cat bite.  Prince Rotten was not in the mood to show his best face.  But, more importantly, I scored 2 new outfits which are perfect fresh faced summer wear.  Making more noise than the cicadas with these striking summer colours, style and (as always) altered pattern.  The Law of Unintended Consequences always lives in my sewing room and my head but usually works it way out with happy results.


All the best for the New Year;  and hope you find some time to sew.   Cheryl X

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