Cat and Paste

The grey boys had a tough decision ahead of them,  which one of Mum’s fabrics was the best.?   Bottle green,  navy of the white? or maybe she should use all three?



Who would think that working out the colour order and proportions would be that difficult?     I varied the size and order of the stripes  (for over an hour) until I found the Just right  Goldilock’s zone;    cut stripes of fabric and overlocked them together  before cutting out  a simple Loes Hinse Cap Sleeve Dress.  Overlocked the dress together and tried it on………..  Same  unappealing look as The Bug dress  project,  and I gave it the same treatment;  I cut it into a top and short lined skirt.


My sewing room has been filled with visitors and the top and skirt are waiting to be hemmed.  Here they are…..dsc_0050and here is Jorge who has settled on grey and white for his choice.


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