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Denim Jacket.

I left home at 8.30 thinking I was attending the last  of 3 Web Design courses.   An earlier course had been cancelled,  and I had asked to be included in the Nov. course but discovered it too was cancelled after the 35 min. drive to campus.    It was a little late to go for a bike ride so I decide to finish up this jacket.  The way the day was progressing is most likely best I did not take to the road. This was the ‘planned’ jacket for my Spring  6pac and  I  was a little nervous about  putting the snaps on.

Anyway,  I found the snaps, directions and tools.  Had to make a hole for the shaft in the fabric and ended up sticking myself.   Got a little blood on the jacket.  Had another look at the jacket and apparently  had stabbed it also.   With a bit fiddling,  patience and trial by error I got the snaps on the jacket…..the illustrations were difficult to make out,   the bottom and top snaps looked ‘the same’…..but I stayed with it.   The snap maker was a Xmas present from 2012,  it needed to see the light of day.

Love Burda patterns….Make ‘your’  alterations….say no to a muslin and sew… not try on until last snap is done.  I sewed a size 44 from a white denim.  Had white on the overlocker,  the new machine and top stitching thread on my old sewing machine.  Makes sewing much easier when you do not have to change thread.

Here I am modelling my denim jacket with the Burda T and old pair of navy pants.

NAVY and WHITE 6pac

Each season we get opportunity to participate in sewing a 6pac at Artisan Square.  A 6pac is a collection of ‘basic’  ‘neutral’ clothes where “THIS GOES WITH THAT”  providing a core for your wardrobe.

THINK :   2x bottoms –   Fly Front Skirt by Hot Patterns   pull on knit skirt and purchased jeans

2x inner eg.  shells –Loes Hinse Sweater Knit and Burda T2x

2x outer layer  –Cutting Line “By Popular Demand”  jacket

Polka Dot Beach.

This is one those amazing days of clear blue sky and warm sunshine  after the rain.  Our kitchen was  pulled out  (reno)  and going for breakfast at Terrigal is a great way to start the day. The beach is in its’  flat  winter mood  and we have been lucky enough to see  dolphins  and whales lately.    The dolphins love to surf the waves and herd fish into the haven for a feed,  while some  swimmers got a big surprise to see a whale right up close,  about 25m off the beach swimming with them!

This is my new top made from a printed spot rayon.   Burda pattern No.3197.  from there Easy Collection  worn with Cutting Line Design  “My Swing Set Pants” and ” By Popular Demand” Jacket.   I  have been struggling with a bad  cold,  an annoying cough  and a tear in my right knee ligament (cannot walk) so  not much sewing has been happening.  Yesterday, I was feeling better  and cut out 2 knit tops,   wizzed them up on the overlocker  and hemmed them with a twin needle.  Just could not resist the strong sunshine and had to wear something  to match.

Wearing Burda T,  Cutting Line Design MSS slim pant and BPD jacket

Wearing Burda T, Cutting Line Design MSS slim pant and BPD jacket.  Looking towards Wamberal.

Cutting LIne Design BPD jacket and MSS slim pants.

Cutting LIne Design BPD jacket and MSS slim pants.  Looking towards The Haven.














Spring 6pac

I have been working on my Spring 6pac.  The 6pac  is Elizabeth’s concept,  and  each season she starts a new thread at Artisan Square  for those who want to participate in the planning, discussion and sewing of the 6pac.  The aim this season is  to create a related set of  6 “boring, basic but beautiful”  clothes to suit the upcoming season using  neutrals and a favourite colour or two.  After a year of sewing seasonal 6pacs you should have a great collection of clothes for most occasions.  Elizabeth reminds us that this is not place for special occasion clothes

We aim to sew : 2 x Bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts)

2x inside (shirts, tops)

2x outer layer  (jacket, cardigan)

I have been participating for a while….and still stray from the original plan.  So this time I am aiming  to sew/purchase  classic garment.

My plan is    1.   (purchased)  jeans

2.   cream jeans style skirt

3.  navy T

4   navy  polka dot T

5.  cream jean jacket

6.  navy tank and cardigan.  (completed)

7.  coloured shirt

Most start with a plan,  sometimes written and sometimes visual.  This is the best part as we get to dream and play in our sew imaginations.    The difficulties come in sourcing the fabric which suit the garment and that  ‘play’   with the others.  So , I have been buying neutrals in large amounts lately in anticipation that I will have enough for  pants,  skirt and  a jacket. It is a lot fun sewing along,  discussing and seeing what others have made and a great way of building a  wardrobe.