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Retreat To Florida

Not so much a retreat, as an advance – on my sewing and fitting skills  and  creativity.

I am blogging from Orlando Florida where  I  attended  a Cutting Line Design Sewing Retreat with 13 other   ‘Cutting Line Design Groupies’ .  Just love how Sandy and Louise create  beautiful and unique clothes by the clever placement  of the fabric’s pattern/colour  and selecting just the “right” buttons.     Sandy is wearing   Take Me Anywhere  and Louise  Anything But Ordinary   (sounds like opening lines on a Friday night, I know)   But what great clothes….all starting from flat tissue paper,  this is my favourite part of the sewing.

We  worked  on improving our  fitting skills using our gifted pattern  Danger Curves Ahead  which has some easy directions on dropping in a bust dart.   I  have cut out and worked on the shell,  and now have  to finish it on my travels.  

Among my other “achievements”:

DSC_0149I purchased 3 Patterns……

DSC_0151Altered three patterns…

Cotton fabric purchased from Louise Cutting

Cotton fabric purchased from Louise Cutting

Bought 3 fabrics.

 Louise Cutting's studio

Louise Cutting’s studio

And developed “Stash and Studio” envy.

Made some new friends….

After sewing all day we went to Louise’s to play….and down the back yard near the creek to reflect on what we had achieved through the day, and what we had to focus on tomorrow…..

Louise Cuttings back yard

Louise Cuttings back yard


Fabric for shoes with matching bag….not from Louise’s backyard creek, but maybe out soon on her new online store!

Happy sewing


Red Top, White Top, Tropical Top, Grey Top…..but … fish

I purchase two pairs of Rollie’ lace up’ shoes to take on a vacation to the USA,  Mexico and Cuba.  I was inspired from the feet up  to create a new capsule using the shoe colour :  white  and  grey as the neutrals.   I needed a colour  and  decided on RED,   although it was difficult to source,  I found some nice spots and a fun tropical print for T-shirts.

Participating in the SWAPs and 6PACS at Artisan Square has changed the way I sew.  I have adapted to sewing and thinking in terms of a collection  and  spending  more time in the planning  phase of creating a ‘family’ of clothes.   I have boiled down my pattern selection,  limited my colours and  concentrated on  basics  that I hope will mix and match to create a co-ordinated and workable travel wardrobe.   So,  it will be darks for bottoms and lights for tops .


I will be holidaying in hot humid weather,  which I love,  first up I made a few T’s using my TNT Burda pattern.  Super quick with an overlocker and twin needle to finish the hems.

Next up a few tops…..I need something to go over swimmers and under a jacket for a dressier occasion.  As well,   I will be attending Louise Cutting’s sewing retreat at Florida and felt the need to make and wear a few of her patterns.  Both the white linen tops from ‘My Hearts A’Flutter’ pattern and the oversized navy silk from ‘Anything But Ordinary’pattern made one size larger without the sleeves.

Now….I have 4xTs,  a swim coverup and 2x dressier tops.  Almost dressed…..

Happy Sewing



New Sewing Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Time for the New Years Resolution.

My New Years sewing resolution is to stop procrastinating and focus.  I waste so much time playing with fabric and patterns,  then I spend more time refolding and tidying material and patterns .  Even when I have something on the sewing table I still get distracted.  So the word is


I had my foot broken and badly sprained my right ankle  in early December which has curtailed pretty much all of my outside and inside activities.  To get around the house I used my Koala sewing chair.  It glides around on the polished floors easily,  I could change its height and carry objects on my lap. Now 6 weeks later I have some new shoes.  My friends find these shoes so amusing….they love making fun of my new look…..they find it so ironic!


My new every day shoes.

My new every day shoes.

Much of  my time was spent on the couch watching sewing videos,  reading sewing blogs and buying fabric and patterns. I have been going nuts with the boredom and lack of social contact and missed a few Xmas parties.    Standing is uncomfortable and I need to avoid the cutting out and tracing bit of the sewing process.  I am working on sitting more in the sewing process and will need to select fabric that requires  less pressing or can be fingered pressed like linen or wool.  I have been looking into the   UFO pile.  Lots of stuff in there that I can work on!

Just My Style.

Just My Style.

I am happy to have just completed Just My Style the newly released pattern from Cutting Line Designs.  I suppose it was released to coincide with winter in the rest of the world but I thought would be an easy first 2015 garment.  I liked it’s oversized slouchy look and think it would be a cool summer shirt.  I made it from a  light weight linen chambray. I really love this fabric.  It reminds of the light blue shirts worn by the seniors boys at Tamworth High,  my old HS.  It  has the best vibe.

Close up of linen chambray. with a light warp and a white weft.  Love the light blue.

Close up of linen chambray. with a light blue warp and a white weft. Love the light blue.

I cut a medium,  did not make any changes to the pattern.  I used all three machines in the process.  The overlocker,  old Bernina for putting the garment together and new Bernina for topstitching with 2 slightly darker threads on the top.  That way I did not need to re-thread the machine for top stitching etc.  The pattern went together easily.  The directions are incredibly detailed and  included a new technique of completing the sleeves so that the overlocking does not show when they are rolled up.  This was a pretty fast project,  the perfect project to get me in the mood.  I am happy with my new shirt.

Just My Style by Cutting Line Design.

Just My Style by Cutting Line Design.

NAVY and WHITE 6pac

Each season we get opportunity to participate in sewing a 6pac at Artisan Square.  A 6pac is a collection of ‘basic’  ‘neutral’ clothes where “THIS GOES WITH THAT”  providing a core for your wardrobe.

THINK :   2x bottoms –   Fly Front Skirt by Hot Patterns   pull on knit skirt and purchased jeans

2x inner eg.  shells –Loes Hinse Sweater Knit and Burda T2x

2x outer layer  –Cutting Line “By Popular Demand”  jacket

Polka Dot Beach.

This is one those amazing days of clear blue sky and warm sunshine  after the rain.  Our kitchen was  pulled out  (reno)  and going for breakfast at Terrigal is a great way to start the day. The beach is in its’  flat  winter mood  and we have been lucky enough to see  dolphins  and whales lately.    The dolphins love to surf the waves and herd fish into the haven for a feed,  while some  swimmers got a big surprise to see a whale right up close,  about 25m off the beach swimming with them!

This is my new top made from a printed spot rayon.   Burda pattern No.3197.  from there Easy Collection  worn with Cutting Line Design  “My Swing Set Pants” and ” By Popular Demand” Jacket.   I  have been struggling with a bad  cold,  an annoying cough  and a tear in my right knee ligament (cannot walk) so  not much sewing has been happening.  Yesterday, I was feeling better  and cut out 2 knit tops,   wizzed them up on the overlocker  and hemmed them with a twin needle.  Just could not resist the strong sunshine and had to wear something  to match.

Wearing Burda T,  Cutting Line Design MSS slim pant and BPD jacket

Wearing Burda T, Cutting Line Design MSS slim pant and BPD jacket.  Looking towards Wamberal.

Cutting LIne Design BPD jacket and MSS slim pants.

Cutting LIne Design BPD jacket and MSS slim pants.  Looking towards The Haven.














Winter Warmers….

So cold in our house,  especially when you are sitting sewing.  I really need some warm wool layers and came across the beautiful teal and blue wool knit.  So hard to find so I purchase 5 metres and have already sewn two T shirts  that I wear constantly and decided to make a longer jacket/cardigan from Cutting Line Designs OOP Pure and Simple pattern. I have made this pattern 3 times before,  but this was the first time in a knit.

I was trying to be creative and use both sides of the fabric…anyway it is fun and warm to wear.