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I have been venturing into knit sewing lately. Trying not to think too much about what to make and being a little more experimental with colour and design.  Generally,  knit sewing is fast,  so I can cut and sew before I change my mind….

This is how this dress came about.   Purchased  heaps of cotton knit jersey in cool blues, purples etc. from Erina Cash and Carry (before it was sold) for $1 x metre.  The light pink was washed with the blues and dried a disappointing colour.  So , while I watched TV I randomly tied it up with elastic bands and dyed it in the washing  machine using Dylon Dyes.    The next day I cut and sewed  another 4/2012 Burda Dress .   Wore it to the beach for a late afternoon swim and then onto dinner.    Here I am coming out of the change rooms,  purple swimmers in hand and  a small towel in my bag.

I am really happy with this dress.  Is it because it reminds me of my younger self or because it was such a beautiful night,  swimming and then eating out?

I have noticed lots of tie- dyed T’S,  shirts, dresses and kaftans worn on the weekends.  I looked on line and found some beautiful designer tie- dyed creations at  The Tie-Dye Trend at Resort 2015.

Alexander Wang, Michael Kors and Fausto Puglisi

The motivation to sew, to create comes from different inspiration.  Fabric can be tied-dyed, cut and sewn or a garment can be dyed after construction.  In this example below,  the pattern on the fabric reflects the geometrical shape of the skirt while the jacket appears more random.

I have another two pieces of dyed fabric hanging around…. waiting…… for inspiration.  At the moment I am happy with the green/blue but feel the blue/white needs more work….

  Do I  ” do or dye” or ” de-clutter”?

Enjoy your sewing,



I had never really noticed how many different hibiscus flowers there are. The other morning I collected a few to draw …..I had about five different varieties.  Some flowers were huge;  lots of doubles and  a great assortment of colours.   I like to draw .  Drawing gives me lots of ideas.

I decided on a diamond shape as I thought it would be easy to interlock,   a little like tiling the bathroom.  I pushed my  design to fit the diamond shape  and tried to fill all the space.  While I was doing this,  I was conscious of the tools and the marks that they make on the lino.   Lino is not good for  small detailed areas and I was trying hard to get a good result for the stigma and stamen which is the hibiscus’ signature piece. At first I was trying to run the hibiscus so that it would make rows of stripes…but  I think I have made the  design a to big for that.

The design needs to put onto the lino .  The areas left will take the colour,  so everything you carve away will stay the colour of the original fabric.  You can do a run, carve away more and do another run;  just keep carving and adding more colours if you want to have more fun.

I printed this with the same colour and using the same technique/ ink as in this post.

These three came to help.  George decided to hitch a ride and the other two;   Snazz  aka’The Grey Lord’,  Cranky Puss’ and Lucy  (thinks she is the cats mother)  wanted to join in.  Lucy has decided it is time for dinner  ( she is a little early) and  has rounded up the cats in the kitchen.