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Couch Surfing

Got the dress back,  I  tricked Lucy into getting up so I could retrieve it.  I promised a shot of me wearing it and thought this abandoned couch would make a fun prop.  This  fabric is dog   and dirty couch  proof,  just fling  it into the washing machine,  dry   and  wear.

I had just visited  Inner Souls  (shoe shop) at East Gosford.  This shop has recently re -located from Terrigal and is owned by my friend  Suzanne.  Suzanne  loved my dress and asked where I purchased it from….. “I made it”.  I find making  clothes very affordable.  The 1.5m of fabric  purchased  from Spotlight  on special,  cost about $20, the cotton , pattern are from my stash and it took an afternoon to make.   First I stabilised the shoulder seams,  cut the neck band the finished width plus 2x seam allowance and 2/3 the size of the neck opening,  attached the band while the dress was “flat”,  inserted the sleeves,  overlocked the side seams  and hemmed it. with a twin needle.    Seriously , could have taken longer to get a park at  the mall.  So with the money I am not spending on RTW clothes I can purchase  shoes!  I actually have a pair of navy sandals,  but could only find one….Lucy the shoe thief has hid the other.

Has she hid it down the back of the couch?  and which couch?

More dresses soon,  check out my drawing progress on my Drawing Room blog.


Hi everyone.  I’m still into my experimental  knit sewing,  making  patterns with design elements that I would not normally choose.  For instance, the above dress has gathered raglan sleeves,  a feminine flounce, is fushia and has a A line shape.  On the plus side the knit is beefy……  I took it for a test swim the other morning with Lucy.

We walked down to the lagoon and then continued onto the beach.  Last Tuesday a 26yr old man drowned on this stretch of  beach.  Both Avoca and North Avoca beaches are patrolled but the  ‘dog of leash’ area in the middle is not and has claimed a few lives.  You can see how rough it is by sea mist in the photo,  however tomorrow should be huge with  cyclone Marcia in Queensland and a King Tide.


The fabric was this Metro Knit from Kniwit in Perth.  Considering it had to travel from the west coast I received it overnight.  Pretty amazing considering we live outside of Sydney and Australia has 3 time zones.

I used Burda pattern 2/2013,  size 42 and whizzed it up on the overlocker.  Like most Burda Style patterns it went together easily and was a quick project.  However, I do not think I will be making it again as it does not pass  the “would I take you on holidays” test.    I was wondering if anyone else experiments with new designs and styles just see what it looks like and most of all because we can.

Enjoy your sewing,  Cheryl

Denim Jacket.

I left home at 8.30 thinking I was attending the last  of 3 Web Design courses.   An earlier course had been cancelled,  and I had asked to be included in the Nov. course but discovered it too was cancelled after the 35 min. drive to campus.    It was a little late to go for a bike ride so I decide to finish up this jacket.  The way the day was progressing is most likely best I did not take to the road. This was the ‘planned’ jacket for my Spring  6pac and  I  was a little nervous about  putting the snaps on.

Anyway,  I found the snaps, directions and tools.  Had to make a hole for the shaft in the fabric and ended up sticking myself.   Got a little blood on the jacket.  Had another look at the jacket and apparently  had stabbed it also.   With a bit fiddling,  patience and trial by error I got the snaps on the jacket…..the illustrations were difficult to make out,   the bottom and top snaps looked ‘the same’…..but I stayed with it.   The snap maker was a Xmas present from 2012,  it needed to see the light of day.

Love Burda patterns….Make ‘your’  alterations….say no to a muslin and sew… not try on until last snap is done.  I sewed a size 44 from a white denim.  Had white on the overlocker,  the new machine and top stitching thread on my old sewing machine.  Makes sewing much easier when you do not have to change thread.

Here I am modelling my denim jacket with the Burda T and old pair of navy pants.


I had never really noticed how many different hibiscus flowers there are. The other morning I collected a few to draw …..I had about five different varieties.  Some flowers were huge;  lots of doubles and  a great assortment of colours.   I like to draw .  Drawing gives me lots of ideas.

I decided on a diamond shape as I thought it would be easy to interlock,   a little like tiling the bathroom.  I pushed my  design to fit the diamond shape  and tried to fill all the space.  While I was doing this,  I was conscious of the tools and the marks that they make on the lino.   Lino is not good for  small detailed areas and I was trying hard to get a good result for the stigma and stamen which is the hibiscus’ signature piece. At first I was trying to run the hibiscus so that it would make rows of stripes…but  I think I have made the  design a to big for that.

The design needs to put onto the lino .  The areas left will take the colour,  so everything you carve away will stay the colour of the original fabric.  You can do a run, carve away more and do another run;  just keep carving and adding more colours if you want to have more fun.

I printed this with the same colour and using the same technique/ ink as in this post.

These three came to help.  George decided to hitch a ride and the other two;   Snazz  aka’The Grey Lord’,  Cranky Puss’ and Lucy  (thinks she is the cats mother)  wanted to join in.  Lucy has decided it is time for dinner  ( she is a little early) and  has rounded up the cats in the kitchen.