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NOT a curvy girl.

Knowing what suits  you and from what fabric is always a challenge.  When you sew it is nice to think that you have a lot of control over style, design, colour and fabric.    In  RTW,  the garment is real,   as opposed to creating your own designs which begin and live in our imagination.  As sewers,  we spend a lot of time thinking,  planning and physically sewing.  We do not continue if we have too many bad experiences.     It is important to create our  ” like a million dollars”  or “I want to take you on holidays” feelings from our clothes  and to understand how we did it,  so that we can constantly create beautiful clothing.

You would think that by my age I would have a firm understanding of what suits me?  And that I would apply it to my sewing?  Noooooooo…..

Two dresses,  both navy,  my best neutral and possibly my best colour,  two different looks.  Lets look at the line drawings.

Did I forget that my body is really straight?   All those beautiful curves and  a waist  look ‘ ho hum on’ me.  On the bodice section you see the gathers,  slopey shoulders and  dolman sleeves ?  Yes?  add them to  my avoid list.  I have a square face,  and my hair is cut very short with angles.  These same design elements need to be reflected in my clothing.   I look best in shape clean lines and cool colours.

As well as the design elements not being reflected in me,  the sewing process of this dress was not smooth either.  I muslined the garment,  mucked around with too much  bust space and accidentally cut of a huge chunk off the hem.  Guess it was never going to work.


This Toni Dress by StylARC is a better look for me.   Straight centre front seam line leading up to the collar and then to the face.  The angles of the collar  are reflected in my face,  the dress’s  design is clean and lean looking.   This is a better look.  It was a fast an easy sew.

I really wanted the HP Deco Vibe Diamond Dress. to work,  and maybe if I had used a drapey fabric,  omitted the gathers on the princess seams,  shortened the sleeves,   got rid of the collar……Anyway,  I love Trudy’s faced hem and vent technique and spent a lot of time making beautiful lined pockets.  I Just need to remember that I am not a curvy girl.

Do you  fall into the trap of making garments:  and wonder “what was I thinking”?


Sewing Lessons…

Lucky for the population I am not a surgeon.   I was making this Deco Vibe Diamond Dress by Hot Patterns  and was working on the back vent,  I remember thinking ” should I be trimming this  corner”?…   apparently NO .  The dress has been hiding in the UFO corner since with a slice out of the hem.

I  cut out four shirts for Mr T and sewed up two.  I had a bit of trouble fitting the collar and facing which seemed a little big.  I didn’t think too much about it until I was sorting through the  pieces of the 3rd shirt,  to discovered I had cut 4 fronts and no back…..?????   I retrieved  the paper pattern to cut a new back and realised that I had added a 1cm seam allowance to the paper pattern’s back neck.  This meant the fabric had a 2cm seam allowance, which is why the collar wasn’t a perfect fit.

 I still mange to …..

: loose paper and fabric pattern pieces

: speed  through pins and the wrong parts of the  garment

: do my worst job on the most noticed button hole

: have a  “mistake”  in most garments

As yet, I have avoided the  sewing machine needle through the finger.     Are there any other lessons I need to be taught?

Enjoy your sewing


NAVY and WHITE 6pac

Each season we get opportunity to participate in sewing a 6pac at Artisan Square.  A 6pac is a collection of ‘basic’  ‘neutral’ clothes where “THIS GOES WITH THAT”  providing a core for your wardrobe.

THINK :   2x bottoms –   Fly Front Skirt by Hot Patterns   pull on knit skirt and purchased jeans

2x inner eg.  shells –Loes Hinse Sweater Knit and Burda T2x

2x outer layer  –Cutting Line “By Popular Demand”  jacket

Slouchy Fly Front Skirt….


I am that person who never makes a muslin,  or two, or three….

The first was “too big”, the second was “too round ” and the third is sort of wearable…..

Got it in my brain that I wanted one of these skirts and it was rated “Advanced Beginner”.  It is an easy wearing,  jeans style skirt with a tulip shape,  fly front and great deep pockets.  It is on the short side but I wanted to wear it walking the beach so that part was going to suit me.  I love the Fly Front and Front Band Tutorial  and could see that this skirt in lots of different fabrics and looks.  So I persisted ,  and have redrafted the band ready for another try.


Pure & Simple Slouchy Fly Front Skirt BY Hot Patterns

This skirt is to join the others in my navy and white Spring 6pac.  While I am not the biggest fan of neutrals I love “contrast” and always feel safe in blue.



SWAP 2014


This is my Second Try SWAP.  

Initially I wanted to concentrate on winter clothes;  neutral coloured basics made from warm wools. I dreamed about a collection of  warm pants and dresses  topped with casual jackets and a big duffel coat.  The duffel coat and lining is cut out,  the fabric interfaced,  the toggles and fake leather has been purchased……but the weather was just too hot……  our friends invited us on a holiday to hot and humid Thailand …… I had ‘nothing to wear’… this is what I sewed:

 SWAP   2014       3x 3 packs  +  2 wild cards = 11   

1. Grey pack.  Suit for the plane. Pants shell and shirt/jacket from a grey stretchy rayon using Cutting Line Design patterns.   ‘Pure and Simple ‘shell and jacket and pull on pants from ‘My Swing Set’

 2. Red pack. Straight skirt  ‘In The Trenches’  Pia dress and Pure and Simple shell by Cutting Line Designs

3. Blue pack.  Lengthened ‘The Blouse Perfected’ by Cutting Line Designs from linen,  Hot Pattern skirt1087 from cotton and silk ‘Pure and Simple shell.

2X  Wildcards.   ‘The Blouse Perfected’  and ‘Pure and Simple’ shell by Cutting Line Design from cream cotton.

I was able to submit a SWAP by keeping the designs simple and limiting the number of patterns used.  I used two new patterns the Pia Dress and Hot Pattern 1087 skirt.  I am coming to understand the advantages of using TNT patterns,   you can concentrate on the ‘creative’ side of sewing rather then on  fitting and technical skills already learnt.

Happy to be a part of swap 2014.