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Denim Jacket.

I left home at 8.30 thinking I was attending the last  of 3 Web Design courses.   An earlier course had been cancelled,  and I had asked to be included in the Nov. course but discovered it too was cancelled after the 35 min. drive to campus.    It was a little late to go for a bike ride so I decide to finish up this jacket.  The way the day was progressing is most likely best I did not take to the road. This was the ‘planned’ jacket for my Spring  6pac and  I  was a little nervous about  putting the snaps on.

Anyway,  I found the snaps, directions and tools.  Had to make a hole for the shaft in the fabric and ended up sticking myself.   Got a little blood on the jacket.  Had another look at the jacket and apparently  had stabbed it also.   With a bit fiddling,  patience and trial by error I got the snaps on the jacket…..the illustrations were difficult to make out,   the bottom and top snaps looked ‘the same’…..but I stayed with it.   The snap maker was a Xmas present from 2012,  it needed to see the light of day.

Love Burda patterns….Make ‘your’  alterations….say no to a muslin and sew… not try on until last snap is done.  I sewed a size 44 from a white denim.  Had white on the overlocker,  the new machine and top stitching thread on my old sewing machine.  Makes sewing much easier when you do not have to change thread.

Here I am modelling my denim jacket with the Burda T and old pair of navy pants.

Winter Warmers….

So cold in our house,  especially when you are sitting sewing.  I really need some warm wool layers and came across the beautiful teal and blue wool knit.  So hard to find so I purchase 5 metres and have already sewn two T shirts  that I wear constantly and decided to make a longer jacket/cardigan from Cutting Line Designs OOP Pure and Simple pattern. I have made this pattern 3 times before,  but this was the first time in a knit.

I was trying to be creative and use both sides of the fabric…anyway it is fun and warm to wear.

Quick Knits

Today is one those bright, sunny and clear winter days.  The temperature is around 20c , perfect  for visiting the Art Gallery and wandering through the Japanese gardens at East Gosford.

Because the weather was warm I decided to wear my new “Twin Set”.  The set is made  from a beefy red rayon knit, a good layering piece.    I  used OOP Burda  2569 for the outside layer and  the tank from Loes Hinse  Sweater Set.  While it was out on the cutting table I decided to make a few more and have completed another in a navy knit.  This was the first one completed.

Burda 2569

Loes Hinse “Sweater Set”













For the cardigan I made a size 42 straight out of the envelope,  overlocked the seams  and used a twin needle to finish the hems.  I folded up the SA and sewed from the right side.  Burda use this technique in many of their patterns.  I suppose it gives a more formal look,  whereas the rib finishing is a little ‘sportier’. The tank pattern from the Sweater Set has some great shaping-it actually comes out at the bust (side seam)  giving a few extra centimetres.  As well,  it easy to get a nice finish for the  v neck because of the centre front seam .


          Easy to get a nice looking V with the centre front seam.


Warming Up

Winter has arrived. We have been  down to single digits   at night,   usually this sort of weather only lasts a few weeks.  (I hope)   I really need some wool clothing  for it’s superior warmth so  I made two tops from a double sided wool kit.  The blue is the right side while the teals is the wrong side and feels a little softer and fuzzy which  means warmer.  I made  this Loes Hinse  V neck Tunic in an afternoon, by wizzing it up on the overlocker and finishing the neck and hem with a twin needle.  The knit is medium to thick and reasonably stable,  I am planning to make a longer cardigan/jacket next,  to co-ordinate with the Ts.

V_neck Tunic designed by Loes Hinse

V_neck Tunic designed by Loes Hinse

Double sided wool knit.

While I was in the mood I cut and sewed this Burda 3197 T from the same fabric.  This Burda pattern is a basic scoop neck design a basic for all wardrobes,  while the V-neck tunic is longer and nice to wear with  with slim pants or leggins and boots.

Burda 3197 simple T  made from wool knit.

Burda 3197 simple T made from wool knit.

Shiny in Black.

I have had about 5 metres of this black stretch poly in my stash for a few years and decided to make a pant suit.  We were going on a cruise and felt it may be fun to take along.  I like ‘one colour’  dressing and while black is not my favourite  I wanted to combine it with silver and accessorize with pearls and heels;   for a bit of contrast.  As well,  I am planning to make  a few ‘nice shirts/tops’  to  complete the looks.

Shiny black Smart Pac

Shiny black Smart Pac

The idea for the capsule  was slim pants,  jean style jacket and  little black dress  from the black (neutral).  Then add a relaxed   silver/grey jacket,  hail spot organza shirt,  silver/black knit tank and cardigan and maybe a pink silk shell.  Top it off with some pearls…maybe a choker of black or a strand of cream.

Shiny black polyester,  pink Jap silk,  Hail spot silk organza and silver/black polyester

Shiny black polyester, pink Jap silk, Hail spot silk organza and silver/black polyester

I started with the jacket in  Burda Mag  7/2008.  I had tried to make the jacket before,  my first attempt at SWAP but lost the sleeves;  and it ended up as a vest.  You can see here .  This jacket has a lot of nice detail.  Piping around the collar and pocket flaps,  concealed button, lots of top stitching and an  insert on the back of the collar which makes it stand up.


Simple Summer

At last I have completed the summer collection.  This is the final piece;  a light weight jacket made from a crinkled blue and white cotton and heavily topstitched.  The pattern I used was “By Popular Demand”  from the Cutting Line Design range.   I had been concentrating on these patterns to create a relaxed mix ‘n’ Match Simple Summer collection that I posted about earlier.   I have sewn 3x shells ,  2x skirts and  a Relax Little Vest.

This was the most complex/time consuming piece because of the topstitching and changing of the thread… I set up my old machine with the topstitching  thread and swapped back and forth.  Relatively easy to sew and tried out my new ‘button sew-on foot’ which made sewing on the buttons (with the machine) a little easier.