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Last Minute Blogging

You know what it is like,  shopping for gifts for your family and friends,  making sure that Santa  has not forgotten anyone…….  but  what about you?    I am a lover of anything sewing, drawing, painting,  creative or has great pictures  and couldn’t resist this book by Palmer and Pletsch.  It was co-authored by Sue Neall,  and has contributions by Susan Gray.    I have met them at my local Australian Sewing Guild  Meeting,  both ladies have made sewing their business.  Sue has held most elected positions in the guild as well as owning a successful sewing and travel company.  Susan teaches sewing at her “Hooley Dooley” studio in Wamberal,  just down the road from me.


I like that this book  uses heaps of coloured photos to describe  fitting and knit sewing techniques.   As well,  it has some of the best information on how to sew knits with your overlocker and  I love that they have used current available patterns modelled by themselves and friends…all made to fit perfectly.

It was from this book that I was inspired to make the coloured blocked McCalls 6792 pattern.  I had a navy and a cream lightweight point and decided to give it a go.  Went together easily using the directions in the book to sew the coloured block corners…little on the warm side for the current season but will come in handy for spring and to wear with ankle boots and tights….and it fits perfectly with my navy dominated wardrobe.


Last minute sewing,  last minute blogging….maybe the last for 2015

And now for some last minute partying….

More to come,   Cheryl



Whenever you make a new pattern there is always a bit learning going on.  After completing my Perfect Beach dress I thought I should practise my new skills of collar and pocket attaching and develop  cuff and placket making.   But then I just really wanted a nice cream shirt.  I know not everyone loves shirts but they suit me and I love to wear them,  with the collar up,  open with a tank under,  tied in the front or as a light jacket.  They are also the perfect the beach coverup providing full arm  and back of neck protection from the sun.

This was one of those pieces of fabric that I love and enjoy just having  around. It came from a deceased Tailors’ stash along with so many other beautiful vintage fabrics.  I really tried to buy them all.  It is a soft, fine drapey cotton that is very comfortable to wear.   I did not realise that I had bought it twice,  and gave one of the pieces to my sewing friend Sharon.


I used the same Cutting Line Design pattern for my Beach dress and without alteration except adding a few inches to the length and using different pockets.   I am planning to take it on holidays.



I had never really noticed how many different hibiscus flowers there are. The other morning I collected a few to draw …..I had about five different varieties.  Some flowers were huge;  lots of doubles and  a great assortment of colours.   I like to draw .  Drawing gives me lots of ideas.

I decided on a diamond shape as I thought it would be easy to interlock,   a little like tiling the bathroom.  I pushed my  design to fit the diamond shape  and tried to fill all the space.  While I was doing this,  I was conscious of the tools and the marks that they make on the lino.   Lino is not good for  small detailed areas and I was trying hard to get a good result for the stigma and stamen which is the hibiscus’ signature piece. At first I was trying to run the hibiscus so that it would make rows of stripes…but  I think I have made the  design a to big for that.

The design needs to put onto the lino .  The areas left will take the colour,  so everything you carve away will stay the colour of the original fabric.  You can do a run, carve away more and do another run;  just keep carving and adding more colours if you want to have more fun.

I printed this with the same colour and using the same technique/ ink as in this post.

These three came to help.  George decided to hitch a ride and the other two;   Snazz  aka’The Grey Lord’,  Cranky Puss’ and Lucy  (thinks she is the cats mother)  wanted to join in.  Lucy has decided it is time for dinner  ( she is a little early) and  has rounded up the cats in the kitchen.