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SWAP 2014


This is my Second Try SWAP.  

Initially I wanted to concentrate on winter clothes;  neutral coloured basics made from warm wools. I dreamed about a collection of  warm pants and dresses  topped with casual jackets and a big duffel coat.  The duffel coat and lining is cut out,  the fabric interfaced,  the toggles and fake leather has been purchased……but the weather was just too hot……  our friends invited us on a holiday to hot and humid Thailand …… I had ‘nothing to wear’… this is what I sewed:

 SWAP   2014       3x 3 packs  +  2 wild cards = 11   

1. Grey pack.  Suit for the plane. Pants shell and shirt/jacket from a grey stretchy rayon using Cutting Line Design patterns.   ‘Pure and Simple ‘shell and jacket and pull on pants from ‘My Swing Set’

 2. Red pack. Straight skirt  ‘In The Trenches’  Pia dress and Pure and Simple shell by Cutting Line Designs

3. Blue pack.  Lengthened ‘The Blouse Perfected’ by Cutting Line Designs from linen,  Hot Pattern skirt1087 from cotton and silk ‘Pure and Simple shell.

2X  Wildcards.   ‘The Blouse Perfected’  and ‘Pure and Simple’ shell by Cutting Line Design from cream cotton.

I was able to submit a SWAP by keeping the designs simple and limiting the number of patterns used.  I used two new patterns the Pia Dress and Hot Pattern 1087 skirt.  I am coming to understand the advantages of using TNT patterns,   you can concentrate on the ‘creative’ side of sewing rather then on  fitting and technical skills already learnt.

Happy to be a part of swap 2014.

INSPIRATION : What colours does it come in?

When I was younger my girlfriend and I would go out mountain bike riding and take our paints  (usually gouache) with us.  After a morning of riding we would set up our easels and try to get in the mood or find a little inspiration….  Some days our work was good, other days inspiration was a little harder to find.   When I felt flat I would draw,  trace shadows,  make rubbings and once I remember drawing with glue  and covering it with sand.

I still draw.   I like fine point black drawing pens,  Poscas and coloured pencils. I start by doing a small collection of clothes,  add pattern references and add a bit of colour. Sometimes I pin the page to the wall as a sort of visual  “list”  .  I like that I can see the final collection.  So when the sewing mood cannot be found I usually take to the sketch book .

These pages are from my first sketch book.  I suppose it is really documenting and planning my ideas and it kinda sums up what I am always thinking about.  Now,  where can find some motivation to do the work?